ASP.NET Core WebAPI in Azure App Service

In my opinion, Azure App Services are an easy and direct way to launch your ASP.NET Core application for the outside world to access. Azure App Service offers a free tier, perfect for tinkering or getting a new project off the ground.

Exploring F# with .NET Core and Kestrel

While not the primary focus of Microsoft's efforts, F# makes for an excellent language choice for applications targeting .NET Core.

Simple PHP Socket Programming

PHP isn't just for templates for Apache's mod_php. Let's have fun with socket programming in PHP.

WordPress, Docker, and You

Wordpress, Docker, and your site can work together in harmony with the right configuration. Follow along as I spill the beans.

Application Deployment

You may have experience in deploying your Ruby or .NET applications, but when it comes to Elixir, do you have what it takes to deploy your app? Learn the essentials for getting your application from development to production.

Review: Getting Started with Phalcon

Stephan A. Miller brings the self-proclaimed “fastest PHP framework” to the masses in his new book, Getting Started with Phalcon.

Writing API Wrappers with Elixir

Recently, I built an API wrapper for Mandrill. Let's walk through the steps I used to create it and see if this process might be able to help you in your next project.


Linux and .NET should be friends

Linux and Microsoft's .NET framework haven't always seen eye to eye. The Mono Project looks to get Linux and .NET on the same page.

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