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Primary Language: Elixir
Published: Apr 30th, 2015 – Updated: Feb 7th, 2017

An exploration into a stand-alone library for Plug applications to easily adopt WebSockets.


Primary Language: Elixir
Published: Aug 8th, 2015 – Updated: Feb 7th, 2017

A Plug based, reverse proxy server written in Elixir.


Primary Language: Elixir
Published: Sep 6th, 2014 – Updated: Jan 24th, 2017

A REST toolkit for building highly-scalable and fault-tolerant HTTP APIs with Elixir


Primary Language: Shell
Published: Dec 2nd, 2016 – Updated: Dec 2nd, 2016

Bash script to manage Brew installed versions of PHP


Primary Language: Racket
Published: Oct 30th, 2016 – Updated: Oct 30th, 2016

An experimental socket pool for Typed Racket

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ASP.NET Core WebAPI in Azure App Service

In my opinion, Azure App Services are an easy and direct way to launch your ASP.NET Core application for the outside world to access. Azure App Service offers a free tier, perfect for tinkering or getting a new project off the ground.

Exploring F# with .NET Core and Kestrel

While not the primary focus of Microsoft's efforts, F# makes for an excellent language choice for applications targeting .NET Core.

Simple PHP Socket Programming

PHP isn't just for templates for Apache's mod_php. Let's have fun with socket programming in PHP.

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